Stuart and Brenda are having a baby together. Brenda is seven months pregnant. Stuart and Brenda still don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl. The doctor had asked them if they wanted to know, and they said no. They do not want to know because they want to be surprised. They think it will make the day of the birth more special. Their friends and family do not approve. Stuart’s mom wants to know the sex of the baby because she wants to know what color bib to buy. If it’s a boy, then she will buy a blue bib. If it’s a girl, then she will buy a pink bib. Stuart’s mom has been nagging him to ask the doctor about the baby’s sex. Stuart decides to listen to his mom’s suggestion.

Brenda is furious. She tells Stuart not to listen to his mom. Stuart is conflicted. He loves his wife, but he also loves his mom. Stuart decides to secretly go to the hospital to ask the doctor for the information. The doctor tells Stuart that the baby is a boy. Stuart tells his mom the news. She is happy. She goes to the store to buy a lot of blue clothes. Stuart tells his mom that she can’t tell Brenda. Stuart’s mom agrees.

The next day, Brenda has a baby shower. Stuart’s mom is also invited. When it is time for Brenda to open the presents, Stuart’s mom hands hers. Brenda slowly opens it. It is a blue backpack. At that moment, Brenda knows she is having a boy.